The Identity of Helping People

I just talked to a friend today that is so passionate about helping people.  Her face lights up when she talks about the opportunity that she has to help people.  It is her identity – the identity of helping people.

It is such a cool identity to have – the identity of helping people.

I don’t have this identity.  It’s not a natural thing for me.  You know how sometimes you tend to see things in people that you don’t have in your life?  I want that to be my identity.

3 thoughts on “The Identity of Helping People

  1. You do help people, Lem. You help them understand God’s word clearer. =) We help in different ways… some with hands, some with money, some with smiles, and some with words of wisdom.

  2. I think everyone has the identity of helping people, whether that be a lot or a little. I have suffered from MS for 25 years and the last few years I have been on the other side of things–needing help. It was hard for me at first to accept the help, but after I realized my restrictions the help was overwhelming. I have really enjoyed reading your blog today. I think you help more people than you think.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Your words are very kind and very helpful. What a blessing you are. I do know that I help people, but it’s not a natural and normal identity for me. I’m working on it though.
      I’m excited to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing and commenting.

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