10,000 Dead

That’s what they are saying the death toll is going to be 3 days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  We cannot even fathom that can we.  As rescue workers have started to get to the areas that have been hit hard, they are starting to see the damage and destruction that this disaster has brought.  They say it’s going to take months to clean and even longer to rebuild.

Does that grip your heart?  When you think of that kind of devastation, does it make your heart so sad?  On the one hand, it is a simple and natural phenomenon that is just part of the rhythms of living on this planet.  But so many have died.  I complain that there are no iPad 2’s available, and that I have to be on a waiting list.  The thought of 10,000 dead gives me a bit of perspective.  I need to stop complaining.

2 thoughts on “10,000 Dead

  1. I need to appreciate every day and not wish for anything else. Yes, this saddens my heart to the very core. I still watch the news at night. I wish I could go there and help. I wish I could capture the painful images.

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