Are You Insecure?

Actually, in some sense, we all are insecure.  There isn’t anyone that doesn’t deal with this.  Some just hide it better than others, but if you want to be more secure in who you – Get to Know Yourself.

I know that it’s not super easy.  “Getting to know yourself” is not something that many people know how to do, but the better you know yourself, honestly, the more okay you are going to be with who you are.  You will learn your strengths and be okay with your weaknesses.  You will own it.  It’s not like you need more of something else or something that you’re not – you need more of you.  That’s what will make the difference.

Are you insecure?  It’s just cause you don’t really know yourself, and don’t even tell me that you don’t like yourself.  Get to know yourself and the insecurity will start to go away.  If not, give me a call.

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