Our Cravings Define Us

Think about that.  What do you crave?  Sushi?  Snails?  Spam and Egg Burrito?

I saw a tweet this week about a spam and egg burrito.  I’ve never had a spam and egg burrito.  It sounded so good.  I craved it for a day and then gave in.  I needed to make a spam and egg burrito.  I’ve had it the past 2 days.

Judge me all you want – it was good.  I grew up in Hawaii, and we consume more Spam than anyone else.  It is a part of my Hawaiian identity – my love for spam.

But take the principle further – What are you cravings?  No matter what they are – they define you.


2 thoughts on “Our Cravings Define Us

  1. I’m with you. One of my favorite quick meals is Spam, eggs and rice. I think a Spam craving definitely speaks to my upbringing, growing up with my dad who grew up in Hawaii.

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