Love Comes Later

Only in a culture that values individualism is romantic love the reason to get married.

That was a line from one of my lectures this week on culture.  In many cultures marriage decisions are too important to be left to individuals.  The family is a part of the decision, and as a family, the decisions for marriage are made.

Love Comes Later.

If that seems weird to you – that’s your American identity coming through.

4 thoughts on “Love Comes Later

  1. The issue in American society is that too often people confuse lust and sexual attraction for genuine love which must be cultivated-they then try to build a relationship off of those lustful feelings and get confused when they die and the relationship stops working.

    1. It is so true. With the tv, movies, and books that we read, it’s no wonder that we confuse love with all of that other stuff. Great insight LaShonda. Thanks for reading.
      You can hardly build a relationship on that – but love can come later.

    2. Point | Counterpoint … I agree wholeheartedly with LaShonda but I also think that in a lot of Christian Marriages there is not the passion and sexual fulfillment that there should be because we are somehow raised to not consider sexual attraction and a desire for the other person let alone to spend time cultivating a healthy and mutually fulfilling sex life with our partner in life. God created sex as much for pleasure as he did for procreation.

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