A Double Life

I saw that in a tweet today, and they were referring to having 2 Twitter profiles.  I tweeted back – anyone that has a persona online lives a double life.  They have their online identity and then their real life identity.

Both reflect them, but aren’t completely them.  Having a double life – developmentally – isn’t a bad thing.  Hopefully, each identity is integrated.  The problem is when there is dis-integration.

How’s your double life?

4 thoughts on “A Double Life

  1. I used to struggle with this. A lot. Being an ultra-liberal evangelical Christian educator with a twisted sense of humor potentially creates a desire to have more than just a double life. Not anymore. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to fully integrate.

    1. I love that insight Tom. Christians really have a hard time with that. There are so many different versions of it. Too bad we can’t really live it out all the time so that we didn’t have to struggle with it.
      Thanks for sharing.

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