The News

We learn so much from the news.  The news helps us to form opinions and develop our ideas.  The news has rules and they try to substantiate anything that they report with multiple sources.  I’m not an expert, but I realize that they do their best.

I was listening to some podcasters rant about some of our cable news channels in the US.  They complained that CNN continue to share stories that were debunked 9 hours before.  Sure it’s a corporation, and sure they’re trying to keep eyeballs on their channel so they can make money.

I was thinking through this.  I wanted to complain about CNN as well, but realized that the news is my responsibility.  If I want to truly formulate ideas and opinions, I should do the work to substantiate any of my claims.  I’m not going to blame the news or even rely on them as much.  The news is our responsibility.  Our opinions are our responsibility.  With access to so much more information that ever, we can do the work.  It’s our responsibility.


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