Restorative Solitude

I’ve written about Loneliness and Solitude before.  Lately, I’ve been reading about the restorative power of solitude.  Intentional alone time can refresh the body and renew the mind, but we live in a world where we can be on all the time.  We have the opportunity to work every hour of the day, and be on call when we’re not working.

The ability to be online has changed us.  We do not know how to be alone any longer, and that in turn creates overworked and over scheduled lives.  It’s the first thing we check in the am, and it’s what we use to go to sleep.  Our mobile digital selves are always on – working even when you’re not there – because you have the ability to be “there” all the time.

Not only is there restorative power in solitude, it is the time where you as an individual can reconnect with self.  Your identity can be made stronger and affirmed in solitude.  When you are lonely, the affirmation of identity tends to be negative and shallow.  Solitude is the deep work of the soul to reconnect with the truest parts of who you are.

Make time for solitude.  Learn how to be alone.

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