Validate My Feelings

I am currently reading Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.  Here ideas have been swirling in my head – especially since I based alot of my thinking off of her last book.

One of the concepts that she explores is the idea that our feelings aren’t validated until it is acknowledge either in a tweet or a status update.  It’s like we can’t feel unless it’s publicly shared.  We are no longer privately or self validated.  We must share it with everyone before it becomes felt – a very interesting concept.  It is a “performance of identity” as opposed to our true identity living – or in this case feeling it out.

What do you think?  Or should I ask, how do you feel about this?  (Validate me).


6 thoughts on “Validate My Feelings

  1. To some extent I think this has always been true so I wouldn’t want to paint social media too broadly with this brush. We probably all know people who say whatever is on their mind and crave external validation. Some people have always been more intrinsically motivated. People are people. What I would say is that social media is a great big magnifying glass on these tendencies.

    1. That is great insight Chato.
      Sherry Turkle was saying that teens today don’t start “feeling” what they are feeling until they share it.
      You’re right though. Social media does just amplify what’s already there.
      Thanks for validating my post.

      How are you man?

      1. I’m good. Looks like you’ve got great stuff going in San Diego. I’m looking forward to coming out to visit someday.

  2. I am curious if simply writing down the feeling privately (in a journal, for example) would have the same effect or not over writing it down and sharing it publicly.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for the comment. I think the author that I was reading would say that – there was a time when we didn’t need to wait for or share our feelings before we felt them. There was a time when we had the freedom to just feel what we feel without having to share it. I think the author would say that you didn’t need to write it down to feel it, but it sure helps.
      Great insight Amanda. How are you doing? Feeling?

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