Unfollow Anxiety

I wasn’t aware of this, but you can track those that unfollow you on Twitter.  http://useqwitter.com/ is a site that helps you track those that unfollow you – Thank you @Savasavasava.  We had a quick tweet conversation about those that choose to unfollow us on Twitter.

I have decided to save myself the drama of figuring out who unfollows me.  I don’t want to know, and maybe I should care.  I might just be boring – I can accept that.  I might have made them mad – and for that I apologize.  I do love those that I do follow, and I absolutely enjoy the conversations that I’m having with those that do follow.

So if you unfollow me, thank you for saving me from unfollow anxiety.

And on that note, if you would like to follow me, please do so at http://twitter.com/lemness.

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