“Why Not” People

Have you ever had an idea – something that you were passionate about – and had the people around you just simply asked you “why?” These are the killjoys in your life – always shooting down your idea.

And then there are those friends in your life that lovingly and supportively ask “why not?”. I love those kind of people. Don’t get me wrong. We definitely need “why” people in our lives. They have their place and I need them dearly. (If you are reading this post and asking “why” then you fit this category, and I need you in my life)

Maybe I should have called this post “More ‘Why Not’ People.” You are the encouragers. You are believers. I need more of you in my life.

On an endnote: I was telling my friend Betty about posting this post today. Shortly after I told her, one of her grandkids wanted to paint a box (dog house) for her stuffed dog. I asked her “why?” Betty reminded me of my post with a “why not?” I need more “why not” people in my life.


2 thoughts on ““Why Not” People

    1. I can def see that. Thats awesome. Balanced and crazy is good. Balanced craziness is better.

      I love that you have your own domain name for your blog. Good job.

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