Do You Need Some Adventure

Lately, I’ve been noticing stories and articles having to do with a fair bite of danger and adventure.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I’m reading a book right now having to do with the “extreme” and “adventurous” nature of someone’s faith; the “not safe side” of things.  You watch the news and tv, and there is an avoidance mentality – of safe albeit boring activities.  We live such boring and safe lives that we almost need to manufacture adventure and danger in order to live.

This might be one of the reasons why “extreme” sports is so popular today.  We need things to push the limits of safety and boring.

But I think we also need to realize that adventure and danger is inherent in some of the things that we do and experience.  You tell me.  I have some examples, but you tell me what you do that is inherently extreme.

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