Identity and Quotes

If you are on Twitter, you are bound to see a quote or two sent out as a tweet. You might have RT’d some on your stream. Ever wonder why people tweet quotes?

The quotes that we tweet represent a few things.

1. It identifies us with someone else feeling the same thing that we are feeling. Sometimes it can feel like no one else can relate. Seeing a quote that represents it helps. It connects us.

2. Similarly, it gives language to some of the things that we are feeling. Sometimes what we are feeling doesn’t allow us to process and the quotes help give language to it.

3. Sometimes it is tweet’d because the person tweeting it wants someone to identify with them.

Quotes at the end of the day represent someones thoughts and feelings at one point. It allows you to identify with it and gives you a sense of identity.

Quotes can shape thinking and that can shape identity so tweet those quotes away. Shape my identity.

Do you have any quotes that have shaped you?


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