If you spend any time with you, you will inevitably hear me talk about “categories,” and how we process through our categories.

We all have categories in our minds where we store information. They are file folders in our minds. You learn new things by creating new or rearranging existing categories.

Sometimes we store new ideas in existing file folders. Sometimes we gain new knowledge and new feelings and we might not have a category for them so we do one of a few things.

1. Take existing categories and rearrange in some way to make a new category.
2. Take new ideas and make them fit existing categories.
3. File things away in the “to be filed later” file folder.

What’s the significance of this? Nothing – except that you are getting more information about me and you might need to put this in existing file folders because you might have a category for Lem as talking about “categories.”. Or you may not have known this about me and you need to creating a new box to put me in. Or maybe you just don’t care and that’s quite alright – except, why did you read this post then?

So this is not completely ground breaking stuff, but I do talk about categories often – mainly becuase I have a category for it.


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