Age and Identity

Today is my birthday – for another 31 minutes anyway.

I have tweeted and updated about bacon all day.  I don’t know why.  I was craving it last night, and I had some today.  I could have some right now.  Don’t really know why I did that, but bacon it is.

I was thinking about this post and thought that sometimes identity is tied into your age.  I’m in my late 30’s.  That’s definitely an identity limiter – identity feature – at least it’s something to identify with.  There are things that I can do and experience now as someone in my late 30’s that teens nor 60 year olds can do.  I am about equally away from my teens and 60.  Scary.

Sometimes your identity is defined by your age.  I like where I am at.  I like that I can do things that some of my friends from high school can’t.  I like that I’m not struggling as much with other things because of my age.  It’s a great place to be.

Your age can define you, but never limit you – or so this old man thinks.

Whatever your comment, please provide it with a side of bacon.

3 thoughts on “Age and Identity

  1. I was talking with a friend about getting older and the societal stigma that comes with that (being limited, boring, unadventurous, etc). I do not believe that is the case. It us my hope that we are as old as we act and that our lifestyles dictate our age not our age dictating our lifestyle(s). I want to be 55 surfing driving a jeep wrangler with no top and no doors blasting fun music and going on trips to tropical locations with friends and family exploring and enjoying God’s creation. Anyway. Happy birthday. May your lifestyle choices today (physical emotional spiritual) allow you to live out your dreams tomorrow. Own your identity, be intentional about it, don’t let it own you.

  2. Happy Birthday Lem! This whole identity and age thing is something I have been thinking about a lot since turning 30….the joys of getting older.

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