A Udea

I have an iPhone 4. This post is not about that, but is inspired by it. I am still getting familiar with the touch screen. I have fat thumbs and often misspell words because of it.

This morning, I kept typing “udea” instead of “idea.” I was looking at it and was inspired by this idea. It’s super corny, but it gives me a new word. Ready for the cheese?

An I-dea has to do with my thoughts and my I-deas. It’s selfish. It’s about me. I have to sell my I-dea to you.

A U-dea has to do with your thoughts and your ideas = U-dea. (I told you that it was corny). Think about it. It gets us to be others-centered when we think of U-deas. I don’t have to convince you because it is your-dea, U-dea.

Am I proposing a new word? Not really. I’m not that cool or have that kind of authority. Plus, it’s super corny. It would be cool though if we could learn to be more “U” focused.

What do you think? What is your Udea?


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