Lady Gaga and an Identity Insight

Lady Gaga said that “I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school,” a tearful Gaga says in behind-the-scenes footage filmed for her upcoming HBO special. Here’s the NY Post article.

She was definitely overwhelmed and it was right before she was going to play one of the largest venues she’d played. It was also being filmed for a show so there was definitely some hype and lack of context.

What was demonstrated though was how an identity projection works. She is definitely a big star. She has definitely used theatrics to keep people guessing and has become this persona. Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta. That was who they were interviewing. Lady Gaga was going to perform that night, but that loser high school kid was Stefani – because that is who Stefani is.

She says that she has to fight to be the superstar that she is and fights for every kid that has ever felt like she feels.

Lady Gaga is not who she is.  It is a projection of Stefani.  She plays it freely and the more that you criticize, the more you have been sucked into it.

Either don’t get sucked in or don’t criticize.  Either way, know that Stefani is the person and Lady Gaga is the persona.

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