What You Think

I heard a speaker this week say that there is a difference between “how we speak and how we think we speak.”  It’s such a novel insight, but how we are and how we think we are can be different, and I think it’s a function of a projected identity.

There is who you are and who you think you are.  On top of that, there is who others think you are.

You can think that you are being logical, and ultimately, who’s to question that.  We only see the effects of your logic.

What you think really does drive who you think you are and who you think you want to become.  What you think shapes who you are.  Just simply thinking something can change you.  It can be powerful.

So guard your thoughts.   Think yourself beautiful.  Think yourself wonderful.  Think yourself worth it.  The only thing that can limit that is what you think.

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