You are Culturally Bound

We are all culturally bound.  When thinking about identity – you cannot be something that you are not.  That’s not to say that eventually you can’t become that, but I guess that’s what I’m saying – it’s a process.

You are a genius up until about 7 years old.  Your ability to learn language and and hear sounds is off the charts.  You have the ability and capability to create amazing things.

Then – you grow up.  Not only do you grow up – you grow up in context, and it is in that context that you start to get stuck.  What happens in your development is that you become culturally bound.  Your hearing is shaped.  Your palate and tastes are defined.  In fact most of your senses have been defined by your context and that then in turn shapes your identity.

That’s why certain foods are gross to you.  That’s why certain smells stink.  That’s why —– well, I think you get the point.  You are who you are – and your the first 7 years really shapes that.  That’s why you don’t like vegetables.

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