The Pain of Relationships

Every relationships will bring pain.

Sometimes the pain happens at the end of it – when they pass away or when some event ends the relationships.  Whether voluntary or accidental, the end of relationship always brings pain.

Sometimes the pain happens in the middle of it.  Most relationships will bring some level or hurt or frustration – which might lead to pain.

Pain is an interesting thing.  It can bring about more pain or healing.  Pain can bring you together.  Pain can grow a relationship.  Pain can be good – especially if you are able to work through it and heal from it.  It can also end the relationship, and tear it apart.

Now, this isn’t a novel observation.  I don’t claim to come up with original ideas.  I heard the comment in a talk and thought that it was an interesting concept.

It is not possible to be in relationship and not experience pain.  It can make or break relationship.  You will experience pain.  I just hope that you heal from it.

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