When Henry Ford first mass produced his Model T – most people were used to being pulled by a horse in a buggy.  When people were learning how to drive their Model T’s, they would hit the break and cry out “Whoa.”  They had been conditioned to scream “Whoa” to stop.  They were so conditioned that they did it in their Model T’s.  It’s funny isn’t it.

We used to just have phones in our house.  We used to have to turn the faucet to get the water to go.  We used to have to go to the library to get a book.  We used to have to yell out “Whoa” to make our cars stop.

We used to have attentions spans of hours.  We used to be able to memorize books.  We used to read books.  We used to have 3 hour meals.  We used to know our neighbors.

Every single one of those things make me say “Whoa!”

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