Technology Expands Human Freedom

Every technology from the cotton gin to the macbook pro that I’m typing this blog post on – has given us a tremendous amount of freedom and ability.  Before the cotton gin, a man could separate a pound of the cotton from the seeds in a day.  The cotton gin allowed a man to separate 50 lbs of cotton in a day.

Technology allows us to do amazing things.  The steamboat in the 19th century and the plane in the 20th century shrinks travel time.  I would never think of walking 800 miles today, but it was pretty normal back then.

Technology expands human freedom.  It allows us to do amazing things.

Technology also enslaves those that use it.  The cotton gin revolutionized our country.  We also went to war over it.  Technology always makes one part of life more free and it enslaves another aspect of life.  Technology does both.  You can do the most amazing things now with technology, and you will be a slave to it.

Still, we sleep with our smart phones.  We have the ability to work 24 hours a day.  It expands human freedom and takes away life.

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