Your Greatness

….all depends on the challenges that you’ve experienced in your life.  You cannot know how great you can be unless you work through some challenges.

We all experience challenges.  Those that work through it can know how great they are.  Talk to great people.  They’ll point to the challenges that have gotten them there.  The truly great people – will probably even deny that they are great – because the challenges were great – and that’s what made them great.

If you want to be great – challenge yourself.  People will let you know.

If you think you’re great – you’re not.

2 thoughts on “Your Greatness

  1. Challenges are inevitable, especially when we seek to step beyond what we have grown up with and those around us know. In fact, overcoming the willingness to listen to them is probably the first thing we have to accomplish.

    What I think you’ve highlighted here is the necessity to be broken by difficulty — this is what I call the Egg Principle: to get to the good stuff, you have to crack the shell.

    1. That’s great insight. I heard the line, and then I tried to write some thoughts about it.
      I like the Egg Principle. I like the good stuff. Thanks for reading. Jason.

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