Making a Decision

You can really learn alot about a person by how they make decisions.  You can learn alot about yourself when you make a decision.

Decisions, no matter how simple, touches the deep aspects of who we are.  It shows your personality – in how you process the information (MBTI Thinking or Feeling).  It shows your values.  It shows character.  It shows your skills and your talents.  It really says much about it.

Why is it so hard to make decisions though?  Who knows?

It might be because you don’t have all the information.  It might be because you don’t know yourself.  It might be because you don’t want to make a bad decision, and sometimes that prevents you from making decisions.  It could be many things.

I do know this – there is freedom in making a decision.  You may not have all the information.  You may be afraid or anxious about the future.  But when you make a decision, right or wrong, stand by your decision.  It says alot about you.

So if you’re in the process of making a decision, choose wisely, but more importantly – just choose.

7 thoughts on “Making a Decision

  1. I saw on a friend’s page yesterday, “Every time you swing the bat you don’t know if it’ll be a hit or a miss, but you’ll never hit the ball if you don’t swing.”

    1. its so much easier said than done. i guess it all depends on how much of a homerun hitter you or even if you can bat. maybe you’re a soccer player and you’re just on the wrong field.

  2. Descisions!!!! i saw this post and felt a bit of relief and comfort for my issue. I keep thinking where I would like to station myself for grad school. AY AY AY.

    1. You had mentioned decisions about grad school. I have been to grad school – twice. If you’ve got it all figured out, then no need for questions, but if you have questions about grad school or you need help with the right questions, I could help you with that.
      I know what the preparation for grad school is for sdcc. There are those that make it for sure. Just was offering help if you needed it – for making decisions.

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