How to Find Your True Self

I talk to a lot of people about identity. I guess it’s because it was the topic of my research. I have also called this blog Identity Specialist so that those that visit might start a conversation about identity. All that to say that I get to share about identity and talk to many people about it.

I would say that a majority of the conversations about identity have to do with finding it. Many times it has to do with how we are all on a quest to figure out who we are; what we find our sense of identity and self in. Sometimes the conversation has to do with defining our sense of self with what we do. Sometimes our identities are picked for us by the people in our lives. Sometimes we create and experiment with new identities. But for the most part, the conversation has to do with finding that thing that we can find our identity in. We all need to know it. So what’s my point?

I think that the conversation about finding identity should focus on the thing that we lose our selves in. It’s important to find your identity, but it’s much more fulfilling to figure out what you can lose it in. It could be a movement. It could be God. It could be worship of that thing. Those that have ever been to a rave will know this feeling. It’s an experience of surrender. Its aligning your sense of self with something else – bigger than you.

When you lose yourself – that’s where you can see your true self. You can create as many false selves as you want and find your sense of self in that, but only when you lose your self can you find your true one. A sense of self is not the real thing. Find the thing that you can lose your self in and you will find your true self.


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6 thoughts on “How to Find Your True Self

  1. Well said all this is true. We often re identify ourselves, hurriedly throwing together an image we think meets the situation we are in. Finally we realize that that we are who we are and we need to be honest and project our real selves to people who will just have to take us or leave us. May I just say when you do decided on who and what you are life is easier!!

    1. You are so right. When you do decide on who and what you are life is easier. There is freedom.

      Thanks for commenting and reading. Looking forward to reading your ideas.

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    I am going to reblog some old posts, but I’m adding an audio feature to each reblogged post. You can read them again, but then also read them in light of an audio commentary. Let’s give it a try.

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