How to See Identity

Have you ever seen identity?  Do you want to know how?  I know some people are looking for identity or what to find their identity.  If you are one of those – please take a look at this post or this post or this post as they will help you find it.  But this post has to do with seeing identity.  It is possible to see it.

You are able to see identity by looking at the art that one creates.  Art is the expression of one’s self.  The art you create comes from that place deep in your soul that is secure enough to share with others.  It doesn’t really matter what the medium is or the size of your canvas.  It’s just that your soul is overwhelmed by emotion and feeling that it needs to find it’s way out – to be shared with others.

Maybe it’s a deep place in your soul that is hurting and not secure, but it is still too much to keep in.  It needs to find expression.

You can do this in your relationships, your accomplishments, or just on a piece of paper.  You might write it out or shape it with tools.  It might just been a blog or a book that you publish.  It might be your child.  It could be anything.

If you want to see your identity, spend time looking at your art.  If you aren’t creating any, then it’s time to start.  Not creating can lead to a crushed identity, and just ask if you need help.

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