What You’re Looking For

I know U2 wrote a song about it, but even after the song – they haven’t told you how to find it.

If you think that this blog post is going to tell you how to find it – well – let’s talk about it.  I’d love to help you.

So I had a conversation today with someone about how we as people are constantly looking for that something else.  We think that the grass is greener on the other side.  We are constantly looking to be with that someone or looking for a way to get more money.  We tend to think that if we just find that thing that we don’t that we’ll be somehow fulfilled.  That is how the conversation went.

I think we are all looking for something – but it’s not some thing that’s out there in the world that we don’t have.  We are looking for something, but what we are looking for is ourselves.  If you think it’s a job or more of that other thing that you don’t have yet, stop for a minute and consider that you might be looking for yourself – you’re looking for identity.  You think it’s that thing, but it’s really you that you’re looking for.

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