Live More Than One Life

I heard this concept yesterday.  It had nothing to do with identity, but they were using it in the context of work and just trying to get so much done that it seemed like you were trying to live more than one life.

But as they talked about this concept, I thought about the identity insight that this concept.  From an Identity Formation perspective, it’s not so much about the ability to live more than one life.  You have only one life, but it is possible to create multiple selves or versions of yourself so that your one life can reach many areas.

They were talking about wishing that they could take on someone else’s life, and although you might want to – you have to live yours.  But you can be a part of what ever the expression of their life might be.  You can create a self that fits and works along side their life.

This concept about living more than one life is really more about having a full and fulfilling life.  You have one life, but what’s to stop you from having a full one?

2 thoughts on “Live More Than One Life

  1. I wonder when you talk about them who you referring to? I look at my life and realize that I have made it through so many drastic changes that if you knew me now you would never say that I’ve live that life, the experience and wisdom I’ve gained is not that of some one my age, I look back at thoughs lives I’ve lived and I can count about two, I must say that I’m more aware and understanding of wher other people are in ther lives yet at the same time I feel that I have somthing to share with others but don’t know how and it makes me feel empty and lost , so I guess to live a full life its not about the material things around but rather how full of love we are that even when your life feels empty you can fill anothers ! Any way I injoyed reading and sharing my thoghts.

    1. I am so glad that you shared your thoughts. That is so good. It is not about the material for sure but how full of love your life is. I like that. Thanks for sharing it.

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