There’s No Such Thing as Preference

… least, that’s what Rory Sutherland says.  He says that marketers have taught us to have preference.  If you’re at home, you prefer what you have at home.  You might go out and get what you don’t have, but for the most part, marketers have brain washed us to think that we prefer certain things.

You don’t really need to pay $3.75 for coffee.

You don’t really need to pay $140.00 for shoes – SHOES!!!!!!

If you really wanted to buy the most expensive vehicle, you’d buy a semi.  But that’s just not that cool.  We prefer the sports car. 

You don’t really need to buy beef flavored dog food.  Your dog prefers cat flavored dog food, but the marketers know you’ll never taste the dog food to see if it’s really beef flavored.  Okay, maybe some of you have tried it.

Some of us find our identity in our preferences.  If you find your identity in your preference, you’ve gotten your identity from a marketer.


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