Celebrate Weird

I was watching a program, and this was my thought.  We now celebrate weird.  The thing is, after a few  years, it won’t be weird and everyone will be doing it.  The weird ones lead the way.  If you’ve read any of Francis Schaeffer, he suggested that the artists lead the way (he also had the coolest goatee way before anyone was rocking them).

It’s interesting how more of the weird kids in high school become so much more popular after high school.  Don’t get me wrong, being popular in high school is important during high school – and some people never grow out of that after high school.

But most of the bands that are popular right now – were the weird kids in high school.  Weird and different can end up being cool someday.

So let me ask you – were you the weird kid and are you cool now?  Some of you are going to tell me that you were cool in high school and that you’re cool now, and that’s just weird.


Here’s a past post on what I think about Cool: Psychology of Cool, the Psychology of the Coolest, and the Price of Cool.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Weird

  1. Ha. So true about “weird” becoming more celebrated. I don’t think I would have been described as either “weird” or “cool” back in the day. I will say I was unahamed to be different, and that peers really respected me and accepted me because of this. So a strange combination, perhaps?

    1. Thanks for reading Darla. Not a strange combination. It’s not strange when it comes to our formation. If we could learn to be values-free in the way that we describe it as to not ascribe good or bad, right or wrong to it, it allows us to have easier conversation about our formation. Thanks for the insight. You had great friends. Celebrating weird is still celebrating.

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