I love hearing stories.  I love hearing stories that are made up.  I think I like real stories way better.  I love it when my friends share stories.

I heard a story today of how the unknown played out in an exciting and favorable way.  I had a student share her story today – a story of faith and the unknown.  She didn’t know how she was going to pay for school – a typical story for thousands of people during this part of the year.  But there she was – at school.  It all worked out.  I was excited.  She was excited.  It wasn’t all covered so if you want to help her out, just let me know.

I haven’t shared all the details of the story.  If you’re super nosy and you want to know, I might tell you who it is and you can ask them yourself.

Stories have a crazy way of connecting us.  It has the ability to invite people into our story.  When you hear someone’s story, you become a part of that story because you’ve heard it.  You really become a part of the story when you share that story.

Have you heard a cool story today?  You wanna share it?

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