Preventing Happiness

I heard about this really interesting concept.  It has to do with people who prevent themselves from achieving happiness.  If they would spend the same amount of effort pursuing happiness as they do preventing happiness – they might be happy.  Do you know this?  Have you ever heard of this?  Do you know someone that does that?

Those are really the only 2 options right?  Pursue or Prevent.

Well even if there are more options, I think the key is the ability to switch from preventing to pursuing.  I think there are tons of people that make a lot of money helping people make that switch.

No matter what situation you find yourself in – pursuing or preventing happiness – be in it.  Be in it completely.  No excuses.  Then I think it’ll be easier for you to make that switch.  Learning how to be completely unhappy could help you to be completely in it as well.

What are your thoughts on it?

One thought on “Preventing Happiness

  1. It’s all about how we define happiness, what we’re pursuing for happiness, and how we’re pursuing happiness. Do some people seemingly do all they can to prevent happiness? Absolutely. Between our mental health issues and our brokenness, the path is varied … and long … and full of possibilities.

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