Remember the Busy Signal

There was a time when you would make a call and if the person that you were calling was on the phone – you’d get the busy signal.  The busy signal helped us.  The busy signal – signified that someone was busy.  The busy signal had an impact of us.  The busy signal was awesome.

We don’t have the busy signal any more – well, we don’t hear it much any more.  It just goes to voicemail.  We don’t hear the sound.  When someone doesn’t answer, we get all frustrated that they didn’t answer – even if they’re busy.  Know why?  Because we don’t have the sound of the busy signal letting us know that it’s all good – that we should just keep it chill.

You’ve never thought about the busy signal being a good thing huh?  You never thought about the busy signal being a help to you.  What if we had a sound – a signal – that just made you feel at ease?  What if there was a signal that helps you?  What if all it took to chill you out was a busy signal?  I’d take that.

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