Unintended Consequences

Any action you do will have consequences.  You can plan everything ahead of time.  You can plan every single move, but there will always be Unintended Consequences.  Hopefully, they turn out positively and in your favor, but sometimes it doesn’t.

You can’t really plan or account for them.  If you were able to – that would be considered Intended Consequences.  These are the ones that you don’t ever plan or see.  You just do something and there you go – some Unintended Consequence finds fruition.

You can find it everywhere.  I’ll give you one example:

Before tv – there was no such thing as ADD/ADHD.  It wasn’t an available condition.  TV killed our attention span.

Okay, one more:

Before we had mobile phones, we used to remember everyone’s phone number.  Shoot – we used to talk on our phones.  We don’t talk much now.  Some of you might remember a time when we actually had to remember phone numbers – not so much any more.

There are countless other examples, but sadly, many of you that started reading this post didn’t make it to this point.  It was probably too boring or too long – an Unintended Consequence of my writing.

Can you think of an example?  Share it in the comments.

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