The Line Between Work and Play

I was watching a show last night about the most life changing gadgets.  They ranked the top gadgets of our lifetime, and gave a little history lesson on each device.

The number one device that has changed our lives was a gadget that actually integrates 15 other gadgets into one – at least that’s what the narrator said.  The most life changing device was the smart phone.  It integrates, so many other devices into one gadget.

The thing that stood out to me though was a line that was said about the smart phone.  They said that the phone can be used for work or play.  We don’t have to be bored any more.  We can work any time.  The smart phone has blurred the lines between work and play.

It is interesting that people don’t think that you’re listening because you’re looking at your phone.  It’s how we take notes today.  It’s how we listen.  It’s blurred all of those lines.  Whether you are working or playing – use your smart phone to do so.

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