An American Portion

Only Americans don’t know about it.  Everyone else in the world understands an American portion.

20 years ago, a cup of coffee was 8 oz.  Today, you ordered the venti didn’t you?

20 years ago, a popcorn at the movies was 5 cups.  Today, it’s a tub.

20 years ago, a bagel had a diameter of 3 inches.  5-6 today.

Typically, it’s twice as much as you should eat.  We are all about huge portions.  Only here can you get a cup of something to drink where the cup holds more liquid than your bladder can – but we still buy these cups and drink all that is in it.

We like big portions.  We think we get a better value if we are able to get more.  We buy in bulk – because we waste – I mean – consume so much.  We have big homes for all the stuff that we need to make us feel more important.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s a blessing to have tons, but we have alot – mainly, it’s because it’s the only size it comes in.  We are stuck with American-sized portions.

6 thoughts on “An American Portion

  1. I was out to lunch last week and someone said that it’s best to cut our restaurant portions in half, eat half and then take the other half home. That’s all well and good, but I like food. I’d rather spend an hour on the elliptical if it means I can eat the whole, American portion.

  2. Haha. I’m trying to cut down. I just noticed that in Israel, the juice glasses were tiny. I had to fill 2 glasses multiple times in order to be satisfied.
    An hour huh? Must be nice man.

  3. Aww….I just bought a huge package of Spam yesterday! 6 cans for $12. But I have to agree with how we don’t need “big portions” just because they are offered to us. Thankfully, when it comes to food, my stomach can only handle small portions. But I always leave room for Tapioca Drinks and Dessert. I do have to discipline myself. Costco and Sam’s Club are great for certain needed items, but somethings just goes to waste. I cleaned out my pantry over the weekend and I made a rule in our house…”We can’t buy more food if we can’t fit them in the pantry!”

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