Soil to Soul Connection

I think I heard that in a talk somewhere, or maybe I heard a concept and came up with it. I don’t remember. I’d cite the reference if I could remember.

This is another post that I am writing to process a bit of my Israel trip.

If you have ever been to a place where the people of the place had a strong connection to the land – you would know what I am talking about when I write – “Soil to Soul Connection.” It is this idea that an individual feels and knows a strong connection to the land in which they live in. It is a relationship. It is a conversation. It is a connection. There are 3 places that come to mind when I think about this concept, and I am sure there are many more places that could be characterized by this concept: Hawaii (where I grew up), Italy (just because they do it so well), and Israel (where I just visited).

In these 3 places, the people of the land have a strong Soil to Soul Connection. It is a stewardship relationship with the land. It is this constant interchange – where the land beckons you to return. It is the mindful process of cultivating what is in the land and then celebrating the bounty of it. It is this soul connection that fosters a sense of identity and belonging. When you have a connection with the land, you end up missing it and wanting more of it. It is only possible though for those that have the ability to be attentative long enough to hear it and see it. This is not some mystical, hocus pocus type of magic. It is a care and love and connection to a place that gives you life and purpose. It is a refreshing sense of wonder and celebration. Let me try giving you an example of one thing from each of the my places.

In Hawaii: there is this connection and conversation that happens with the mountains. It speaks to you . It calls you to return and asks you to wonder in its presence and bigness. It calls you something more. It calls you to somoething bigger than you and your problems. It gives you shade and protection. It takes care of you – all without asking anything of you.

In Italy: there is no other place that I’ve been to where the people of the land have a strong stomach to soil connection like Italy has. They are mindful of what they plant and cultivate. They take extra special care of the way that they grow their food. They are going to eat that stuff, and they will only eat what its best. They have a connection to the land because they eat of it. They are mindful of it. That’s why the meals there take 3 hours. It is a celebration every night of the bounty and blessings of the land.

In Israel: Here is a group of people that have a connection with their land like we cannot imagine. They went for years without land. They have land now. It gives them identity and it provides a sense of safety and story. They earned their place – more than once. We know stories that have taken place there. It is a land where water is scarce, but they are continually planting trees to represent who they are – a thriving and growing land. They have such a strong sense of connection to their land. They love their land. They take care of it. They take pride in the fact that they have it. They will let you know, and the land tells the story of the how much it has experienced, but it still thrives and grows. It is a resilient place. It holds history and signs of struggle, yet it stands and grows.

If you have ever been to a place as beautiful as these places, you will know what i mean when I talk about a “Soil to Soul Connection.” I hope that you know what I’m talking about. I hope that you experience it once in your life. It’s a beautiful experience. It is a selfless experience. It is something that you will long for and miss when you don’t have it.

Tell me where do you have a “Soil to Soul connection?”


3 thoughts on “Soil to Soul Connection

  1. I like this. I think I have a soil to soul connection where I grew up in Minnetrista and probably here, too. I would love to get to all three of those places someday. Do my own eat/pray/love kinda thing. hahaha

    1. I really do believe that Minnesotans get it. There are definitely places there where the land speaks – for sure.
      I like your idea of doing your own eat/pray/love – then write a book.

  2. Ireland most definitely has it. The connection that we feel with the land here is mythical and immense. Even those steeped in the industry of the north of the island have a sense of belonging to this land.
    It’s where we come from. It’s where we go. It’s our solace and our pain. Our source of hungar our source of food. Our source of emigration. Our source of culture & belonging.
    Whenever I am away from my home I miss the land and landscape. The jugged majestic cliffs the sweep of the ocean, the hills and rivers. Te loughs. The rich rich greenness. The land tells our story. One of myth & legend. One of St Patrick and Culculannon. One of High kings and invasion. One of ancient civilisations that held te word most sacred. One of bog and turf. There are no snakes on our land. We have a spiritual freedom here mixed in with deep spills of blood & dark hatred. We have burial sites and passage tombs older than the pyramids of Giza at newgrange and Knowth. We have intense spirituality that comes from the land. Oh I’d love to chat to you more about this.

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