The Rock of Gibraltar Lesson

A friend of mine shared this story/analogy with me.  Back when the entire world centered around the Mediterranean Sea, the Rock of Gibraltar was a symbol and marker that you are leaving the safety of all that is known.  As explorers would sail off into the New World, the Rock of Gibraltar would bid you farewell as you sailed into the adventure of what was the unknown.

What stood out to me when my friend told me the story is that whenever you find yourself in the New World where this is adventure – there is also no accountability in the unknown.  Anytime you end up where there is no accountability, it is both exciting and completely unsafe at the same time.

The Rock of Gibraltar would signal that you were leaving safety and headed into an exciting and unsafe place.  Many people died on the journey to the New World, but a few made it.

I dont know where the unknown for you might be.  It could be across town or across the world.  Where ever that is – know where the Rock of Gibraltar is.  If you ever need to come back to safety, the Rock will  signal that you’re there.

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