A Stats Identity

We live in such a stats identity don’t we.  Our identities revolve around how many people we have following us on Twitter or what the US News and World Report ranking is for the college that we went to.  You name it – the things we eat and use in everyday life all have a stat – and it’s important to us.

But honestly, a stat does not an identity make.  That’s not to say that a stats identity doesn’t exist.  It exists if we let it become our identity.

As I write this, I acknowledge that I have to think through my identities.  I really don’t care how many Twitter followers I have – I do care for the people that I interact with on Twitter.  But what are my other identities that revolve around stats?  Funny enough – it’s easier for me to point out other people’s Stats Identity – typical huh?

2 thoughts on “A Stats Identity

  1. Hey Lem,
    Great to hear your message at Cloudbreak yesterday and see more of your identity. It was worth the wait. Your message was intriguing and I loved the idea of a pastor leaving the church hanging with the question and having to wait for the answer.

    On another note I would like you to see more of my real identity. We don’t really seem to connect at church or don’t take time to connect. Wanna do coffee or beverage later this week?


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