Natural Desire to Show Your Stuff Off

I heard someone say this today – and I find it to be so true.  It was a marketing podcast that I was listening to, and they were talking about how they can use social media to market.  The suggestion was to capitalize on people’s basic need to show of their stuff.  We are actually fascinated by it, and we consume it – just check out the magazines in the checkout lines or the countless shows where people are able to “show off.”

Sometimes it’s called marketing.  Sometimes people describe it by calling it Personal Branding.  Just take a look at Facebook profiles – a majority of the status updates show something.  It might show off, but it definitely shows something.  We have a Natural Desire to do so, and now we also have the venue for it.

Whatever you call it – it’s natural.  Use your discretion when showing off.  Capitalize on it for the right reasons.

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