Humbling and Humiliating

There is nothing more Humbling and Humiliating than blogging.

I heard that in a podcast.  I think it might have been Mitch Joel that said it.  It is so true.  When you blog, you put your ideas and thoughts out there.  When you blog, you open yourself up to humiliation.  There is nothing more humbling than doing so.  It takes discipline to write and get your ideas out there.

When you put your ideas out there and people start to tear them apart, they end up tearing you apart because we tend to wrap our identities around our ideas.  Tear apart an idea – Tear apart an identity.

One way to overcome this is to write.  Write and then get your ideas out there and let people tear it apart.  You’ll soon come to realize and learn that you identity will not make it if it’s wrapped up in your identity.  That is part of the reason why amazing people don’t write.

So if you want to be humbled and humiliated – write.  Who knows?  You might find readers that will appreciate.  You might even get to the point where your identity is not wrapped up in your ideas.

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