The Juicy Lucy

Okay – so I lived in Minnesota for 3 years.  We went to Minneapolis so many times.  I never heard of a Juicy Lucy – until the tv shows started talking about it.  I know Minnesotans that have never had it.

Of course, now that the shows are out everyone knows about it.  Some have even tried it.  But I lived there for a few years and never heard about it.


– There weren’t cool enough people that I hung out with that knew about it.

– I am not cool enough to have heard about it.

– It’s just not a big deal to Minnesotans.

– The tv shows lie.

– The Juicy Lucy is really not that good.  Hype.

I must admit that when I lived in Minnesota, we made burgers in that way.  We’ve never done it that way since, and we never called it a Juicy Lucy.

So to my Minnesotan friends – what say you?

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