Hofstede Framework

Geert Hofstede analyzed culture and came up with this framework to help describe basic cultural dimensions.  We are currently talking about this in a course that I am teaching – Intercultural Communication.

Whenever you read about this framework, you will come across a few warnings when you use it.  The framework articulates 5 basic dimensions of culture, and although it is helpful to describe culture, these are not hard fast rules.  There are exceptions, but for the most part will describe individuals from a particular culture.

Although developed for understanding culture, this framework can give insight into one’s identity – depending on the culture they came from.  The framework shows whether you tend to be egalitarian or hierarchical.  It also shows you understand how well you integrate with groups, whether you might take risks, or what you value.  It’s a tool that gives you a starting point to figure out why you do what you do.  Any tool that might help me determine and develop identity I definitely want to use.  If you need help with your identity, let me know.

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