Your TV Show

I was talking with a friend tonight, and he is the creator/producer of a show.  This show is about to get picked up.  How cool would it be to get creator/producer credits for a tv show?  I would like that.

Now, I am always thinking about the identity angle for most everything.  When I was talking to my friend, I thought about how much the tv show you would create reveals so much about your identity.

When you think about it though – tons of shows have been done already.  Car shows – cowboy shows – family shows – reality tv shows – how could you come up with an idea that someone might want to buy?  It definitely reveals your creativity.  It shows that you have some innovative thinking.  A show that has been done before won’t sell – but in light of identity formation – who cares?  So maybe it doesn’t sell.  Maybe it’s a story that no one cares about.  As long as it’s your story – it’s all good.  But if you are able to create a brand new show – one that people would buy – what show would that be?

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