RIP Whitney

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.

I’m sure you are all watching it on the news right now.  I’m sure it’ll be on the news for the next few days.

As I listen to the news – they all connect with Whitney because she left their mark on their lives.  Piers Morgan said that Whitney played at so many parties that he attended.  Everyone else talks about how Whitney was a huge part of their growing up.  She will definitely be missed.

As I thought about it – Whitney and her music got me through high school and even through college.  Her music was definitely inspiring, and the more I think about it, she definitely shaped my identity – growing up.  I’m sure she might have shaped your identity as well.  I’m sure she encouraged me during some drama in high school.  I had her cds.  I sang harmony with her on so many songs – via cd of course.    It was definitely the soundtrack of high school and college for me.

RIP Whitney

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