Wisdom and Identity

If you want help figuring out your identity – you simply need to ask someone who has wisdom.  Typically, those that care about you jut a little further down the road have it.  Not all do, but you know who they are.  They have insight into life and pain that can help you.

I had one of those conversations today.  I realize that I have some anger that I have just learned how to stuff down deep, and that’s not good.  It’ll one day erupt and show itself.  It’s great to be around people that really care about me.  I’m thankful that they are gracious enough to have the tough conversations and call you out on the stuff that you might not even be able to see in yourself.  It takes wisdom to see that stuff.

One day – you will be that one that someone looks up to – so filled with wisdom.  Someday you will be the one that helps people figure out their identities.  You need to start practicing though – by having wise ones do that for you.


One thought on “Wisdom and Identity

  1. Lem,
    As someone who has deeply struggled with forgiveness (mostly because I have a hard time of letting go of my emotions), I know the personal pain and frustration of anger (and its unconscious elements).

    I am also grateful for the older people I have in my life, my counselor, my spiritual director, my mentor, a few older men, who have helped guide my way. The older I get, the more I travel down the path, the more I also feel obligated to return the favor to a few younger guys.

    Thanks for the great reminder!

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