Cultural Programming

Last week I lectured on Cultural Programming.  Ever since that lecture, I have been more aware of how cultural programming really shapes your sense of self and what you do.

I had this graphic up at the beginning of class, and my students just started reacting to it – based on their Cultural Programming.

It was amazing how they

A few of them that didn’t grow up in the US argued for their side.  They actually liked the graphic seeing as this is more a slam for someone from the US than it is for the rest of the world.  It was an awesome conversation that I entertained for awhile.  I eventually stopped the conversation and told that class that I think they understood Cultural Programming.  I didn’t lecture nearly as long.

Cultural Programming gives you a sense of identity and self.  It affects the way that you interpret things.  It guides your decision making.  It impacts you values and beliefs.  Understanding your Cultural Programming will help you more become who you want to be.

Maybe someone should figure out how to Culturally Deprogram.  Thoughts?

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