Speaker Identity

Are you a speaker?  Do you speak at events or give presentations?  How long have you been doing it?

I’m working on my speaking identity.  I love speaking.  I am working on my speaking.  I have done a fair bit of writing, and I have a dissertation that has helped me get a few speaking gigs.  It has been quite fun to share some of the ideas from my writing, but I was thinking about my speaking, I need to get better at it.  I get to speak a fair amount when I teach, but that’s not the same.  They are already bored of me before I walk in.  Hahaha.

I have listened to a few talks about speaking.  I have bought a few books on better presentations.  I’ve gone to presentations on giving presentations, but there is nothing that makes you a better speaker than speaking.

If you have any speaking tips or opportunities, let me know.  Share some of your speaking insights with someone working on their speaking identity.  You can either write it in the comments of speak it to me when I see you next.

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