I Am Not a PC

I am a mac.  It is just easier.  It’s much faster.  It just works.

No offense to anyone on the pc.  The computer in my office is a pc.  I don’t really complain about that.  When it takes 10 minutes to warm up so I can log on – you kinda stop complaining.

I was working on a hp laptop tonight, and it’s so stinking slow.  It’s also cumbersome.

I guess you can also add that I’m a complainer as well.  I am a mac and a complainer of pc’s.  And of course I had to blog about it.  I have been a mac user for over a decade.  I have a few friends that have teased me about it over the years – and now they are macs.  I don’t tease them, but it’s enough to know – I have been a mac longer.

It’s definitely one of my identities, but more than that – it just works.

Thanks Steve.

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