An A

Do you know the value of an A?  I find the value of an A by taking a look at a C.

C is average.  Average means most everyone.  C is a pretty good grade.

B is above average.  If you are going to do more than most – you deserve a B.

A is exceptional.  No mistakes.  Perfect or near close to it.  Not everyone can get an A.  Not everyone deserves one.  If everyone deserved one, A would be the new C.  They call that “grade inflation.”

I have gotten my fair share of all of those grades.  I have had professors that have had an impact on me to the core.  They have asked for a high level of scholarship, and for that I am eternally grateful.  But at the same time, I now what it means to push myself, and therefore, I know what it means to push others.  You can blame me or you can blame my professors.  There is this academic standard that I myself am still trying to attain.  I am not there myself, but I can challenge my students to become scholars.

I do want to say that academic achievement is not the only kind of intelligence in which one can excel, but if you’re going to be in the academic environment, know that you are going to be challenged academically – and if you want an A – work hard for it.

What’s the identity insight in this post?  You are not your grade.  Your grade does not define you.  A grade is some measure for a course or your work.  A grade does not define you.

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